"It's important to realize that whenever you give power to politicians or bureaucrats,
 it will be used for what they want, not for what you want."

  -- Harry Browne

 Television has become one of the principal diversions of the modern world



Television has invaded the life and the privacy of the larger part of humanity in a form so dramatic that in some places, the television is on from morning to night. The average use of television is four hours per day. The dependence or rather, the addiction, to watch television is created and promoted through the basic conditions of our existence.

The first condition is laziness, since while watching television one believes that one is learning something and one imagines that one is entertaining oneself; although really neither occurs, but on the contrary, the mind becomes contaminated, filling itself with all types of garbage.

Stimulated in this way, the television viewer desires to change the principles of dharma (prescribed religious duties for humanity). This is achieved with the promotion of the slaughtering of animals, the eating of their cadavers, the continuing bombardment of violence, lust and illicit sex in all their manifestations; also in the promotion of games of chance, greed, envy and jealousy.

All this is nothing more than the promotion of the royal road to a hellish condition of life.

As conditioned souls, we are very inclined to enjoy, to be lazy, to gossip, to criticize and to blame others for the misfortunes that we face in our own lives. Let us consider more practical choices as:

1. Learning to be grateful with everything special and beautiful that one has received since their birth.

2. Feeling compassion for all those that suffer from the ignorance of their own mistakes.

3. Understanding that human life is a school of love. That one is a servant in all circumstances and it is better to serve the creator and His purpose by making oneself useful in this life in order to be able to grow spiritually.

4. Understanding, in addition, that the source of personal pleasure is lust; our true illness. The cure is to live according to the will of God, the Supreme Truth, acting in such a manner that pleases Him and unconditionally benefiting every person with whom we share the planet.

In this way, one will be able to realize that none of these values is promoted on television. What's more, we will always remain confused with the false idea that we are the material body and the owners of transitory things. We forget again and again the great responsibility that we have as human beings.

Knowledge of the truth begins with the appreciation that one is anti-material consciousness and not a piece of flesh that is only growing old.

The second understanding that one can obtain is that all this universe is controlled by the Cosmos and that each soul is situated in the heart of all living entities. There is a law of action and reaction for each thought and for each word; that is to say, for each thing that we accomplish.

And ultimately, there is an eternal world where we will be able to live as soon as we have arrived at the perfection of our existence; this means that we have overcome the cycle of repeated birth and death.

All those that give us contrary information and that inspire us to act contrary to these illuminations are dangerous contamination for a living being.

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